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  2011.10.24  15.53

So, I have decided that for my birthday present to myself this year I am purchasing a new CPAP machine. Yes, but I need a copy of my prescription for the machine in order to purchase a machine. I had the sleep study done in Nov of 2000 at Abbott Northwestern Neuroscience Institute. Don't remember the doctor, I only saw him once after the sleep study and it was brief.

If I want to get the prescription, odds are that it will take 7 - 10 business days for the records to be released. Glad my current machine is still working and this isn't an emergency. I can go a day or two maybe without it, but not much more than that.

Anyone have any friends over at Abbott Northwester Neuroscience Institute that can get their hands on my prescription for me?


  2011.02.05  04.11
Interesting evening

So, I finally found out what happened to Ricks:

Want to know?Collapse )


  2010.12.01  17.40
Another Month

has flown by. November came and went. So fast.

What's new? I have moved back to the cities. I'm currently in Minneapolis. I have a job in Minnetonka and have passed my first certification test. I take my 2nd certification test on Friday.

I still don't have my car. I should find out about that tomorrow.

I'm a little on the sick side, have some sniffles and such.

Just a quick update is all.


  2010.02.10  10.43

Here I am, working on a laptop in White Bear Lake. Things have progressed for me, but not in the way that I have wanted.

Cause I careCollapse )


  2010.01.21  11.25
News about me

It's been a while since I have posted anything on my wall with my goings on. Here's what has happened in my world:

My car is working correctly again, but will need more work done on it this summer. My friend Chris has been super helpful and that has saved me a lot of money (That I don't have).

UpdatesCollapse )


  2009.11.18  23.27
This Year SUCKS!

Ok, this is going to be an open quick note. Fox Execs - Yeah, you guys in the suits and sitting in a board room with nothing better to do than to be fickle and stupid chumps - Those of you who cancelled Dollhouse can sit and spin. I'm quite pissed off about it. Lie to me is good, is that next on the chopping block? House is not bad. Dollhouse a little too close to the title? What's the deal? You've had a great run with the Simpsons and Kudo's to you for that. That was a series that no one would have aired back in the day, and you did. You showed that you had some talent and kept it going. What's the deal with the other series that end up in the graveyard? I know that they are getting viewed because they are being talked about at the water cooler. They are being talked about as I walk around town. I hear hints of gossip about what's happening on Dollhouse and I get a tingle of joy about being part of the experience that helps keep creativity alive!

You fucking buffoons! Sign it up, give Joss the extra projects, but keep it going.

And that is what I have to say about it.


  2009.06.03  11.18
Getting Set

So, I have 4 locations signed on allowing us to film at their venues. A storefront, a Nightclub (with lots of areas, green room, white room, veranda full of tables that looks like a restaurant, stage, bars, etc.) I have a sports bar and grill, with a game room, a baseball diamond and volleyball net. I have a loft apartment downtown available.

oops... I'm wrong. We have other space too. A townhome in St. Louis Park, and a condo/apartment in downtown Minneapolis as well.

So, what do we need? We need sponsors. We want you to sponsor us by feeding us during the 48hours. I already have a sponsor for Saturday's film shoot, well, Saturday's lunch portion of the shoot. So, we have Friday night, Saturday night and sunday morning that we would love assistance to make sure our hungry crew stays fed while we sleep dep ourselves and do this project. Any Takers? I'll even try to get discounts at local food places.


  2009.06.02  14.01
it's official!

The Myth Nightclub is signed up as a shooting location this year! As well as The Stadium & the owners loft apartment downtown.


  2009.05.29  14.40
Ask not what your country can do for you, but what....

Hear ye, Hear ye - on this day, the 29th of May, of the year 2009, I request that if you are an actor that you respond to this post.

I am looking for volunteers to be a part of our crew for the upcoming 48 hour film project. We are in need of Actress's in particular. what does this mean to you? You can come and have fun helping us make a movie in 48 hours. Typically, we have filming being done on Saturday / Saturday night with call backs for extra scenes on sunday morning.

A movie that won last year was shown at Cannes film festival. Our film that we made was up against it for the screening of it at the Riverview theater. You will be able to see the movie we make on the big screen. You could get seen at Cannes and other film festivals!

Come and help us make a great movie, have a good time, and expand your capabilities.

When: Saturday June 13th (casting call time will be set soon)

Where: St. louis Park is where we start, we might end up at any number of locations for the actual filming. If you have need of transportation, do not let that hinder your decision to help out, we will assist in getting you to where we need you to be.

Why: the 48 Hour Film Project - make a movie in 48 hours with some stipulations and compete against other teams. Last year there were 93.

Who: You, Actors & Actress's and if you want to assist and have other skills, by all means let me know.

How: I have been recruited by Yafi underground productions. http://www.yafiunderground.com

I look forward to hearing from you or those that you know that you can get to participate!


  2009.05.16  09.20
friends, countrymen, cougars... lend me you ears

interestingly enough, I came up with an iwhidea for a panel at this years convergence. One that was accepted and has been scheduled. July 3rd, at 5pm in atrium 6 at the Sheraton Bloomington Hotel, we will have a panel entitled "48 Minute Film Project".

This will be an audience participation event, and give people an idea of what it takes to make a movie. Basically, letting folks know what the 48 hour film project is and at the same time have a little bit of fun.

Most panels at convergence, you go in, you sit down and there's a panel. The panel is facing the audience, people of knowledge or not so knowledgeable sit at the panel and answer questions.

HA! not this time. This time, a film crew from the 48 hour film project has been invited to write, shoot, edit, score, and render a scene into a movie within 48 minutes. Audience members will be selected for acting in the scene. They will also be tasked with helping out in other areas that we are going to detemine.

Basically, Yafi underground is going to shoot a 2 - 3 minute movie and leave out a scene. That scene will be determined at the panel. 2-3 minutes is the max the movie can be due to being able to render it during the 48 minutes. Should be a blast, give folks an idea of what it takes to make a movie, and get people involved in the panels and discussions that go on at convergence.

Who knows? maybe I'm re-vamping the way that the panels are and exist. Don't get me wrong, there are several panels that have audience participation. There are a lot of panels that have fun and interesting topics.

What caused this to happen from me of all people? I was out and about at 3am on monday morning last year, trying to give away about 20+ white castle burgers. Went downstairs and found a table of teens playing Magic the Gathering. I was a hero for having the burgers and they were willing to chat with me. I asked them what their favorite panels were, and they sheepishly looked up and said they didn't go to the panels. With so many guests of honor last year, so many interesting experiences and stories to be heard, it kind of blew me away. But, the main thing was that you go in, you sit down, you listen to the panelists. Some of the stories that are told are humorous, some of them fascinating, but it's still mainly story-time.

Crist has done a few panels where he makes someone up and talks to the room while he does it. Very cool cause you get to see the technique he uses in putting on makeup, etc. I'm hoping to accomplish the same thing.

The other thing that was interesting, was that while I was working on the 48 hour film project last year, there were several people who were milling about that had never seen a movie being made. They were fascinated by it. So, I'm hoping the same thing applies at Convergence. My name is listed as a panelist and everything! Watch out, it's a strange and dangerous thing when I get involved in something past my voyeuristic tendencies.


  2009.05.15  02.03

So, the bar that lyle is doing his karaoke at in zimmerman has been doing qualification runs for a karaoke contest. The grand prize: $1k. I've entered twice to see if I could qualify and have been woefully outsung both times. These singers, are really really good. So, tonight was suppose to be the last qualification round. However, the judges stated that there were soo many good singers tonight, that they are extending the qualifcation round for another week.

I know that even if I do qualify, I doubt I'm good enough to win. with luck, I won't end up dead last.

here's my dilemma: a judge walked up to me after the contest and said, "Definitely show up next week". meaning, that I was probably very good tonight (I know I was, sang white wedding which I have down cold and margaritaville which is a great bar song).

So, now that I've given my "A" game, what next? Should I even try to qualify knowing that I will be blown away by the competition? should I hope that all of the competition comes down with a case of swine flu? I think I will still try next Thursday, but that does leave me with the conundrum of what the heck am I going to sing in the actual contest.


  2009.04.16  10.42
And 3 posts, will they ever stop?

So, I have won 2 tickets to ks95's Live 95 Concert. I am seeing that there really isn't a way for me to attend without taking half a day off of work. With Elleanora coming around the corner and my taking 2 weeks off when she arrives to help out around the house and get to meet / bond with my daughter, it wouldn't be a good idea for me to go. So, 2 tickets up for grabs:

Where: The Varsity, Dinkytown, 1308 4th St. SE, Mpls
When: Tuesday, April 21st, 2009
Time: Doors open at 5:30pm, Show begins at 6pm.
Who: Hoobastank, Brett Dennan, Carlina Liar, Saving Jane, Parachute, and Francesa Battistelli

You should have my phone number (My cell phone number has not changed in 8 years). You can get reply/comment on this post. First one who wants them, gets them. I will be down in the cities this weekend and can drop them off.


  2009.04.16  10.06
what? 2 posts in one day?

For those of you who know, I'm going to be a Father! I'm excited about this prospect and since I have many sisters, they have decided to have a baby shower for us. We have decided that it's not to be the traditional baby shower.

So, as such, if you would like to be invited, please let me know. The more friends there, the merrier in my book. If you could let me know by saturday, it would be helpful. You can comment here of course. Oh, the date of the shower isn't until may and when you let me know, you will receive an invite from one of my sisters. Gender not a problem, both male and female are invited.


  2009.03.25  23.54
Movie Mania

Yes, yours truly is involved in another film project. Cole has several movies that he is working on for his class at St. Cloud U. As such, this is a general call to duty! If you have ever wanted to work on a film crew, now's your chance!

We have filmings happening this weekend and next weekend, and your warm body is needed to make this film happen. The project is suppose to allow the director's to get a feel for organizing a larger film crew as opposed to a small crew. That being said, this movie is a vampire flick, the locations are set, the actors are set, we just need some extra hands to make it happen. If you feel you can donate some time, the person to contact is Cole (mcco0201@stcloudstate.edu). He is the producer of this film. This weekend the film shots are indoors, next weekend are outdoors. The Foley Mansion (supposedly haunted) is our primary shoot location. Second shoot location is The White Horse on sunday. Great little bar in downtown St. Cloud. Check with Cole, some carpooling might be possible.

So, Hopefully you want to see your name in the credits on the big screen and will come join us for making a movie and having some fun.


  2009.03.25  20.01
it's been far too long

and there's too much for me to post right now, so I'll just be brief:

This Saturday night at the Quarry theater in Coldspring you have the opportunity to see "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" on the big screen!

Monty Python and the Holy Grail Showtimes

Thursday March 26th: 7:00

March 27th : 3:05 9:05 11:59PM

March 28th: 3:05 9:05

March 29th: 3:05 7:05

I'm going to the 9:05pm showing. Let me know if you can make it and I will look forward to seeing you!


  2009.01.13  13.57

I'm totally drooling over this site. Yes, I have a fixation with swords for whatever reason. This site though, um, .... yeah. Just get me certificates to their merchandise from this point on. My little one will be decked out in armor and weapons for sure now!


In case you were wondering why I am drooling....


  2009.01.04  12.11
2008 Review

2008 has been an interesting year. I started out the year with friends at Medina Ballroom. moved on into the year by working downtown for a consulting company. Got let go at the end of March. April saw me travel down to Florida and down to Scarborough fair. I have not regretted spending more time with friends and family and less time working at all.

May and June caught me off guard. no work was found but I still ended up being busy as heck. June caught me making a movie for the 48 hour film project. It didn't win any awards, but it did give me some experience. July roared in with our 10th year anniversary for Convergence. That brought us to our first 4 day con ever. Actually extended to have 1 panel at midnight on sunday night. A panel to remember all those that we have lost over the course of the last few years.
It was heartfelt and wonderful. The time flew by and I ended up being Liaison for 3 people, and helping out with 2 others. Lots of work, lots of money for the hotel room, but it was a good con.

July also found me starting to travel up to St. Cloud. I met Liana at the 48hour film project. We clicked at a gathering on the 18th of July. Being out of work left me with some time to take up a new mantra: Enjoy the moments as they happen, and know that I'm allowed to be happy. Liana has been an integral part of my life since then.

August found us at the State Fair (when I wasn't sick) and at the Renn Fest a couple of times (as patrons, am not working out there again yet). Bought Liana a dress that matched my outfit, surprisingly so. Felix is so talented!

September came around and lots of surprises. I found out the my love that has blossomed also brought along a little one. My life has changed for the better. Looks like I am going to be a father! I'm still very excited.

October found us in Tampa instead of Vegas. The little one really did make some massive changes. No skydiving for me yet. But, I got to swim with dolphins on my birthday (or really close to them) and went to Busch Gardens for the first time.

November found all of those promising good interviews not going to waste. I got a job with an e commerce company and have been working full time since then. I also moved to St. Cloud into a great apartment with Liana and spent thanksgiving letting people get to meet and know Liana. My family is grooving on the fact that I'm going to be a father and with my life overall. My neices and nephews seem to have had some major spurts over the last year, they seem so big.

December didn't disappoint. I had a wonderful Christmas. The only downside has been a cold that doesn't seem to want to go away. I've been working fairly hard at the new job.

If I haven't been very attentive, again, it's not due to dislike in any way. I love all of my friends very much. Some of my friends a little too much, and some not enough. Miss a good portion of people that are not there on a daily basis, but they can be assured that they are in my thoughts every day.

That's a quick summary of what life has been like for me. How's it been for you?


  2008.11.27  09.04
Happy Thanksgiving

To everyone who reads my LJ, participates in my life, worries about my well being, understands my pains, and puts up with my BS. Know you are loved and are in my thoughts.


  2008.11.19  08.11
Interesting Dream

last night I had a very detailed, very vivid dream. It was interesting. There was this niche store, with all wooden floors, beams, and a very unique layout. There were several levels in this store, sort of partly octagonal shaped and just a few steps between them. Lots of wonderful jewelry, clothing, books and display cases. Indian Artwork seemed to be the main theme, but I saw celtic and other types of designs as well. I was shopping and my friend queenvalkyrie was there. we were looking at pretties and she was consistently getting stopped by folks. After traversing a little ways away, she caught up and then surpassed me. Apparently we had a mutual friend Andy (Never seen this guy before) who was a mascot and she had joined him in his mascot suit (2 parter). After leaving that fun behind, she then went on a little bit ahead where her cart of stuff was used as a fore drop for a small musical along the back wall from one section of the store to another section. Needless to say, there were a lot of people milling about and when she sang she had the attention of everyone around us. I recall turning to Andy and saying, "See? I told you that's her strongest talent".

After that, I drifted towards consciousness. The dream was really detailed and took a lot longer than it took to describe it. but there was no mistaking the players.


  2008.11.18  14.03
Just some info

Being that Xmas, solstice, Hanukkah, Three Kings Day, All Saints Day, your version of the holidays is around the corner I felt I needed to post this message.

Yes, I have a wish list that I have been filling out on Amazon. You can go there to see what it is that I would love to receive. The link is:


This is mainly for those who celebrate by exchanging gifts. I hope to see some of you post your wish lists as well, so that I have an idea of what it is I want to give. Love you all.


  2008.11.07  15.24

My friend Raymond is selling a Fridge, I am told it's fairly big and nice. He is looking to get $500 for it. Let me know if anyone is looking for a fridge.


  2008.11.06  20.16
and such is life

moving, moving, moving - that has been the theme of my life for the past month and a half or so.

I have quite a bit of work left a head of me, moving stuff from storage to the apartment and back again. Finding items and using them, making my home a home again.

I have help, lovely Liana.

Making my home a home again, is going to take some time. But, I know that my friends will be by my side. Some of you know the massive changes that have gone on in my life, some of you don't. all I can say is that the train is not slowing down. With any luck, the track will lead true and straight.


  2008.10.25  20.08
Are you busy on the 28th in the afternoon around 1pm or so?

I am looking for bodies to help me move into my new abode. Yes, you folks who helped me move, you are loved in a way that I can't write about here.

We are moving my furniture and Liana's furniture from my storage room into the new apartment. You will be fed and watered before leaving in a good way. We will figure out what people want at that point.

I have a 16 ft truck that my friend Barry has graciously offered me to use. It has a power lift on the back of it, so I'm told. The storage area is about 1 mile away from my new apartment. Not far, just tedious to get everything out of storage and into the apartment. We have a few things to pick up from the house where Liana rents at currently. It will not take long, or so I hope.

Can you help me? call me: six won to - nine seben ate - nine tree for zer0. I hope you can help, the more the merrier.

I have to say this: stairs are involved, 2 sets out of the apartment, 1 set in the apartment. You will want to see the new place, it's awesome!


  2008.10.06  15.38
Calling all cars

So, I have a rented storage room in Sauk Rapids and a rented 16' truck for this saturday, October 11, 2008. If you have the time and want to come and help me move my sh*t out of my house and into the storage unit / possible apartment (the floors are being re-done and I do not know if they will be done in time for me to move stuff into the apartment). I could sure use your help. If it isn't in a box, it aint gettin moved and there really is no cleaning involved at the house. So, your assistance is greatly appreciated.

What: Moving
When: Saturday 11th
What time dang-nabit: picking up the truck at 8:30am but have it for the entirety of the day and returning it in St. Cloud
Why: Cause the economy sucks, and I let the bank take the house
huh: There's actually some cool tidbits for those of you who help me, including some food and beverages at the end of the line as well as snacks while we are moving. Might even sell some of muh stuff...

So, come one come all and help me vacate the premises before the police insist that I do.


  2008.09.30  09.46

Any and all help would be very appreciated in moving my mother today. Please call me: sex one two - nien seben ate - nein tree four zer0. I will give you directions and we will feed you as well.

Thank you very very very much for helping me, there really isn't anyone there to help.


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